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The Yerba Mate Superstore

For many centuries the people of South America have enjoyed the rejuvenating effects of yerba mate.Today it is quickly becoming the beverage of choice worldwide for better health, energy and well being due to an abundance of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. You will love this clean and natural source of energy. Here we have for you the largest and tastiest selection of yerba mate online.

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Salante Power Blend Yerba Mate Loose 1lb Itapua La Potente Yerba Mate 1 lb
Our Price: $14.25
Sale Price: $12.95
You save $1.30!
Our Price: $11.75
Sale Price: $10.50
You save $1.25!
Salante Power Yerba Mate 1lb Itapua La Potente Yerba Mate Organic
Our most Powerful blend of yerba mate, herbs and herbal extracts. Excellent energy booster, packed with all natural vitamins, and antioxidants. Great for any physical activity or a fast pick me up. Works better than any energy beverage by producing a clean and confident power lift with no crash. Click here to learn more. Our Best Selling Blend just got better!! Now with Ginkgo Leaf !! . Catuaba (pronounced ka-twa-BAH) Catuaba has been used for centuries by the Brazilian Tupi Indians. It is well know in Brazil for its impressive physiological and psychological benefits. The Catabua bark was used by the Tupi to improve libdo, relieve pain, improve memory, ease depression, and control anxiety.  In fact, the Tupi were so enamored of the powers of this tree bark, they even spread the word to other tribes and wrote songs celebrating its amazing benefits. Ginkgo biloba is known to improve the blood flow to the brain and also to enhance the overall circulation. This blend has 80% Organic Yerba Mate, 12% Catuaba bark and 8% Organic Ginkgo Leaf. Vacuumed packed.
Elegante Organic Yerba Mate 1.1 lbs (500g) Cremoso Organic Yerba Mate 1 lb
Our Price: $9.29
Sale Price: $7.29
You save $2.00!
Our Price: $9.86
Sale Price: $7.75
You save $2.11!
Elegante Organic Yerba Mate Cremoso Yerba Mate
Truly a gourmet yerba mate. Blended with a  touch of organic spearmint leaf, organic stevia leaf, and organic almond oil. The flavor is rich, smooth, slightly sweet with a clean finish. This is our finest organic yerba mate. Hand Harvested during the winter months for maximum potency, special aged for 24 months for flavor. Special Milled with no stems and no dust for easy brewing and maximum strength. Fresh Packed with oxygen absorbent. Spoil yourself with this Sweet, Creamy and Delicious blend of Organic Yerba mate, Organic Cocoa Butter (melted into the leaves), Organic Stevia Leaf and Natural Vanilla Flavor.  Best brewed hot. No Stems and No Dust. Vacummed Packed
Selecta Traditional Yerba Mate 1kg (2.2lbs) La Rubia Special Organic Yerba Mate 1kg (2.2lbs)
Our Price: $10.89
Sale Price: $8.53
You save $2.36!
Our Price: $15.74
Selecta Yerba Mate 1kg (2.2lbs) La Rubia Yerba Mate
This is one of the finest traditional yerba mates with stems from South America. Grown in Bella Vista, Paraguay, the heart of yerba mate country.  Hand harvested only 3 months out of the year and special aged for 2 years before packaging. A favorite throughout Paraguay for sharing with friends and family, cold or hot.

Esta es una de las mejores yerba mate tradicional en Sudamérica. De plantaciones en Bella vista, Paraguay, el corazón del territorio yerbatero paraguayo. Cosechada a mano sólo 3 meses al año y estacionada especialmente por 24 meses antes de ser envasada. Una de las favoritas en Paraguay para ser compartida, fría o caliente.
Special Limited production from Paraguay. Best when served cold (terrere).  This rare yerba is not easy to find even in Paraguay. Find out why all their production sells out fast every year.

Producción especial limitada desde Paraguay. Esta yerba es difícil encontrarle incluso en su país de producción. Averígüe por qué su producción se vende tan rápidamente, pruébela!

Not sure where to start or do you want to try something new?Yerba Mate Samples
We offer a huge selection of yerba mate samples to make it easy to find the brand that you will enjoy the most.

Yerba Mate Samples

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