Kurupi Yerba Mate

From producers of Kurupi:

At the beginning of our activities, over 40 years ago, our proposal
was to study medicinal plants of the region used by Guaranian Indians,
great experts in the local flora and their virtues to prevent and treat
minor diseases. The Paraguayan citizen, heir of that culture kept the
habit of using herbs in their daily lives.

The created and finished product was commercialized under the
commercial denomination of “Té Guaraní” with a great acceptation from
the first moment. What started as an artesian product, with plants
belonging to the flora of the region, turned in to a well known
industry, no only in the regional market but also in the global one.
People found new plants with pharmacological properties and went through
a number of researches and studies that aloud the creation of new

Today we count with a model industry for the Paraguayan market,
with three thousand and five hundred square meters of construction, with
different lines for the production of feeding tea, maté and medicines
from botanic therapy. We generated more than one hundred direct jobs
and several indirect ones. This is the first Paraguayan industry that
processes medicinal herbs, certified by the Health Ministry and that
fulfill the requested regulations for the certification of the “Good
Practices of Fabrication and Control”.

When searching for quality and thanks to the providers of high
quality raw material, our products managed to conquer consumers from the
global market pertaining to the five continents, specially the ones of
the European and American markets.


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