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Kurupi Yerba Mate

From the producers of Kurupi:

At the beginning of our activities, over 40 years ago, our proposal was to study medicinal plants of the region used by Guaranian Indians, great experts in the local flora and their virtues to prevent and treat minor diseases. The Paraguayan citizen, heir of that culture kept the habit of using herbs in their daily lives. 

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  • Yerba Mate with Katuava (Catuava) and Boldo

    Yerba Mate with Katuava (Catuava) and Boldo. For extra energy and libido.

  • Yerba Mate with stems, Boldo, and peppermint leaves

    This is the most popular Yerba Mate blend in Paraguay and one of our best sellers. It contains Yerba Mate with stems, Boldo, and peppermint leaves, Refreshing brewed cold (terere). New Packaging, Formerly Kurupi Compuesta...

  • Paraguay's most popular weight loss product.

    Dietary Supplement Tea Directions: Add one tea bag to 8 oz of boiling water and seep for 5 minutes. Drink twice a day, one cup after breakfast, and one cup after dinner. 30 day supply. Warning: Read and follow directions...