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  • New! Itapua Select Organic Yerba Mate 1 lb (454g) - M.IT.200
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    1 lb (454 g) Package - Vacuumed Packed
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    5 lb (2.27kg) Bag - Vacuumed Packed
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    44 lbs (20 kg) Large Bulk Bag
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    Produced by Truinfo de Brazil to our specifications, the flavor is lightly green and impressively smooth and it lasts a surprisingly long time when using with a mate and bombilla. If you like strong, smoky, bitter or dusty yerba mate this one is not for you.

    Grown in Brazil and harvested only once every two years by hand. This yerba mate stands alone because it is processed with relatively new drying equipment, the yerba mate is never exposed to any smoke from wood or fumes from natural gas during the two step drying process. It is then stationed in well ventilated, moisture-free warehouses to promote a better product development without losing its original characteristics. You can easily taste the difference.

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    Strong, but not bitter

    Good, strong taste and looks beautiful in the cup. Recommended!

    They were out of the Yerba I normally order (Taragui Pure Leaf) so I figured I would try this. I prefer a really strong Yerba so I wasn't really a fan of this one. If you find Mate to be too bitter this might be for you otherwise I would suggest the one I mentioned instead.

    Another good new one!

    • smooth
    • no residue
    I tried the Premium and now the Select - both are high quality smooth, no residue yerbas. They may become my new favorites and what I recommend to people new to drinking mate. Thanks!


    Love It!

    This is a nice change! No bitterness at all! Great hot!

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