Double Wall Stainless Steel Mate with Bombilla 6 oz

Double Wall Stainless Steel Mate with Bombilla 6 oz (TSS)

5.00 stars, based on 11 reviews
Double Walled Stainless Steel, No SeamsEasy to Clean, Flick and Rinse, Dishwasher SafeHolds 6 ozLight Weight, Only 2.6 oz (73 g)Add a Bombilla for only $4.00 Below (save 2.29)This is the mate that looks as good as it works and it will spoil you....
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Mornings made easier

  • easy to clean
  • great size
  • attractive design
  • functional design
Review Date: 2/14/2017
  • needs to be taller for some bombillas

My family is a huge fan of traditional....from the bombilla to the gourd to the temperature of the water. However, let's face it, we all have those mornings when sipping a delicious gourd of mate would be great but you know there is no time to clean up and enjoyment. So, you skip the whole idea and regret it the rest of the day.

This product is a great time saver in that you do not have to clean it out right away. It can sit on the counter, and mine usually does, until I get home from work. No, it is not traditional but then again, neither is life these days.

Great product.

Hudson Valley, New York

My first mate - no regrets!

  • well-constructed
  • durable
  • easy to clean
Review Date: 5/31/2019
This double-walled stainless mate is my first mate. I found it easy to use and easy to clean. The double-walled construction keeps the outside of the cup cool to the touch, so I never worry about burning myself.

Simple, practical, easy to clean

Review Date: 6/6/2018
I was very reluctant to try it because I was used to the traditional mates. However, after using it for both hot and cold brews, I'm sold. It is super lightweight and does a great job of keeping extreme temperatures away from your fingers. When done, a quick rinse is enough. No scraping, no risk of it picking up mold, no worries about staining a leather cover or carving on a fancy mate.

stainless steel mate works great

  • works well
  • looks great
Review Date: 2/13/2017
  • none

the stainless steel mate works just as described. It is double-walled, so it doesn't become hot to the touch. You don't have to worry about washing it out right away, either. Mostly it is a cool modern style for when you want that "21st century gaucho look" :)


Super easy to clean

Review Date: 6/13/2017

I wasn't sure how I'd like a metal cup - turns out I like it a lot. Some have mentioned that it doesn't get hot, which is true. It does get a little warm, though. Never uncomfortable, just noticeable.

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Reviews 6-10 of 11

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