• This strange looking bombilla was invented by us over 15 years ago.
  • This is an excellent beginners bombilla,
  • Add the yerba, add tepid water to wet the leave, soak, add hot water.
  • Works great with any mate or mug, even tall travel mugs.
  • Will not clog up. Will not allow small leaf particles up.
  • Pulls lower to the bottom than any bombilla on the market.
  • BPA Free. FDA approved materials.
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    This is a fool proof bombilla for enjoying Yerba in any mate or mug. Made from high tech polymers that will not leak and a polyethylene food grade drinking tube. The strainer has a very high mesh screen that will not stop up or allow leaves to get through and a brass weight on the bottom to keep it in place. This will pull lower than any bombilla on the market ( less than 1/4 inch from the bottom). You can cut it down to your favorite size, use it with travel mugs, tumblers, or sport bottles. Dishwasher Safe.
    Overall Customer Rating of 78 Reviews:

    Nice bombilla

    • Doesn't clog
    • Head falls off sometimes
    This is the best bombilla I've used. The head occasionally slips off the straw. Otherwise, it works great and rarely gets clogged.


    Works great I love this


    Great item


    I'm glad I purchased the diffuser straw. It is great if I just want a tea drink and don't want to filter it myself. The straw does it for you and you get the best flavor.

    The Ultimate Bombilla


    This bombilla (filtered straw) is easy to clean and use! The straw is thin enough to bit through most thermos cups, yet allows for smooth flow of tea. Thank you for continuing to carry these bombilla as I give them out as gifts with your Yerba Mate Tea.

    Best bombilla for a rough and run adventure

    • No metal
    • easy to clean
    • affordable

    This bombilla looks like it was out together with things I might have under the kitchen sink. That means it's tough and effective with nothing fancy about it. But it is durable, highly effective, easy to clean, and let's me get at the last drops in my gourd. At the price, I wouldn't get anything different.

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