• Built To Last! Double walled, Stainless steel inside and insulated.
  • Black Metalic Finish
  • Includes Stainless Steel Bombilla with Brush 19 cm (7.5 in)
  • Hold 5 oz. Made in Argentina.
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    Built To Last! Double walled, Stainless steel inside and insulated. Hold 5 oz. Made in Argentina.

    Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:

    • Looks
    • feel and finish
    • Small
    Great gourd and I really like the metallic finish! Feels good in my hand.


    Metal mate

    • light weight
    • sturdy
    • unbreakable
    • comes with bombilla & cleaning brush
    The metal (stainless steel) mate is sturdy and well done. Even though the double wall is not vacuum sealed, but air insulated, it works as expected. Since it fits perfectly in the normal size car's cup holder, and because it is "unbreakable" and easy to clean, it is great when traveling or to enjoying it at the office or shop.

    Sturdy and reliable

    Got this as a gift for my brother, and he uses this everyday without complaint.

    Excellent gourd!

    • Durable
    • not too expensive
    • works excellent
    • may bee too small for some (5 oz.)

    I now use this gourd more than my traditional gourd made from a real gourd!

    The 5oz. size is perfect. I fill it halfway with mate, and can empty it in two or 3 sips. meaning that the flavor does not get overly strong unless I want to let the water sit longer. Cleaning is easy, which means I can use it all day. With a traditional gourd, once finished, you have to clean it out good and let it dry out. With this one, you can let it sit indefinitely, or clean it out, dry it out with a towel, and use it again immediately. With Rosemonte Especiale, filling it halfway will let me get about a liter and a half of water used before the flavor goes out. The inside shape is conical and does not follow the same contours as the outside, and the outside does not get warm when using. Also works pretty well for making tereré if you don't find the small size (5 oz.) a problem.

    New England, U.S.A

    Stainless Steel Black Mate

    • Large and nice looking
    • Have not identified one

    Really nice looking Mate. Black paint has metal flecks in it giving it some character. Large area for long lasting Yerba enjoyment. Really nice product.

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