Yerba Mate is processed differently in each country.

Argentina is the largest yerba mate producer in the world. Most brands have various combinations of leaf, stems, and dust. All the brands are aged either naturally or with moderate heat. Today very few are aged naturally.

Paraguay yerba mate is traditionally milled dusty with stems because the most popular technique for drinking yerba mate is with a guampa and bombilla, and ice water, called TererĂ© or Terere (of GuaranĂ­ origin). All the brands are naturally aged and hand harvested. Most have a moderated amount of smoke added to the secondary drying process.

We have the most popular brand in Uruguay (Canarias) but it is grown and processed in Brazil. We import most our own unsmoked organic yerba mate from Brazil as well. So far Brazil is the only country that has a few producers that can process yerba mate with no smoke or gas fumes making contact with the yerba mate.