Classic Yerba Mate (All Sizes)

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  • Organic Smoke Free Yerba Mate with Stems, Special Aged
  • Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor Added
  • Classic Argentina Style Taste with a USA Twist
  • Much Less Bitter than Traditionally Smoked Yerba Mate
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The Quest. I spent several years trying to find organic yerba mate from Argentina that we could purchase in bulk. We ran into several problems, some would not (or could not) sell in bulk bags, some simply tasted bad, and exporting from Argentina is very difficult. I gave up. 

The Big Idea. Why not make our own? So I took some liquid smoke from the fridge sprinkled a bit of it on our organic with stems, shook it up, let it sit to displace the flavor and Eureka!! The hickory and aged yerba mate went together perfectly. 

Our Smoke Free yerba mate is processed in Brazil with a very modern and unique sapecado. There is no smoke making contact with the yerba and it is dried at a lower temperature for a longer period of time.

Now you can enjoy the quality of unsmoked organic yerba mate with classic smoked flavor without the bitter bite of smoke! Made exclusively by us for you.

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