New! All-in-One Infusion Thermos 700 ml (23.6 oz)

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  • It does not get easier or more convenient that this!!
  • Stainless Steel Thermos - Mate Cup - Bombilla , All in One
  • Choose Original Plastic or Stainless Steel Spring Filter
  • Sample of Yerba Mate Jacked with Stems
  • Cleaning Brush
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1. Make sure the tube in the thermos is tight, push it in hard, so that it will not pull air from the bottom of the cup. Fill the thermos with water (no hotter that 150 degrees F) leaving room at the top of the thermos for the cup
3. Screw the cup on loosely,  tighten it if you are going to transport it, it cannot be tight if you are preparing it or drinking from it. It needs to allow air to easily flow into the thermos.
4. Add yerba mate to the cup only 1/2 full, about 1/4 cup.
5. Add water to cover the yerba mate and let it soak in 5-10 minutes.
6. Add more water up to the hole in the cup, do not go over the hole.
7. Make sure the spout is closed, the spout is pushed down, then slowly push the lid onto the cup, you should hear some bubbling as the air in the cup is pushed back into the thermos.
8. Screw on the ring that holds the lid, open the spout and drink.

If you are still getting air, remove the lid and add more water to prime it.
Some folks like the air and water because it keeps the flavor consistent, the yerba mate is not sitting in water and getting stronger. That is why some just add a small amount of water to their mate and drink it quickly. 

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