Red Stainless Steel Guampa with Bombilla 6 oz

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  • Perfect Shape for terrere, Iced Yerba Mate
  • Stainless Steel Mate, Double Walled, Vacuumed Sealed, 6 oz
  • Holds Temperature Better Than Any Mate on the Market Today
  • Easy to Clean, Just Flip The Yerba Out and Rinse
  • Stainless Steel Bombilla Included
  • Built to Last, 5 in high, 1.75 in opening, 2.5 in wide

Drinking terrere is the most popular way in Paraguay, especially on those hot summer days or before and after a workout.

Directions: A powdery yerba mate with stems from Paraguay works best. Fill the cup 1/2 full of yerba mate. Hold your hand over the opening, invert and shake. This will move the stems to the bottom and the dust to the top. Add cold water, insert the bombilla with your thumb over the mouthpiece. Let it sit for about 5 minutes for the yerba to absorb the water. Finally add your ice water as you enjoy refreshing tereré.

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